WSG continues to monitor sea defences

1st April, 2014

KINGSTON - The Ministry of Public Works wishes to provide an update for the spring tide period of March 27, 2014 to April 3, 2014 for areas that were subjected to overtopping which necessitated emergency intervention by the Sea & River Defence Department.

During this spring tide period, the highest tide was experienced on March 31, 2014 at a height of 3.22 metres; however, the Ministry notes that gusty winds coincided with the high tides along the coast causing an elevation in wave heights and consequential overtopping in some areas.

The Ministry continues to monitor all vulnerable areas and undertakes preventative maintenance and emergency repairs on critical sea and river defences where necessary.

In this regard, the Sea and River Defence Force Account Unit has mobilised to undertake emergency repairs on the river defences at Mosquito Hall, East Coast Demerara, Region No.4 and Hyde Park, East Bank Essequibo, Region No.3. At Mosquito Hall, structural repair works will be carried out to remedy cavities and structural undermining of sections of the existing wave wall which have developed during this spring tide period.

Additionally, the Ministry will be executing upgrading works to the earthen embankment and adjacent façade drains at this location. It should be noted that major reconstruction works have been scheduled for Mosquito Hall/Lancaster under the 2014 Sea Defences Capital Programme. A tenderwas publicly advertised for works at Mosquito Hall and were opened on February, 2014. The Ministry is currently awaiting award of the Contract.

At Hyde Park, a 15 foot breach has developed in the river defences due to erosion of the existing earthen embankment. This has resulted in localised flooding of the area due to water intrusion at high tides. The Sea and River Defence Force Account Unit is currently working at this location to reinstate the breached section of embankment. It should also be noted that reconstruction works have been programmed for this location under the Caribbean Development Bank funded 3rdSea Defences Project.

The Ministry wishes to reiterate that all vulnerable areas along the coast will continue to be monitored and preventative maintenance measures carried out as required. The public should take note that spring tide advisories are published with a list of vulnerable areas during all spring tide periods.

The Ministry will continue to advise the general public on critical developments with regard to the implementation of sea and river defence works in coastal and riverine communities.