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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the Ministers of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure have scheduled public days to meet with the members of the public. You will have to make direct contact with the offices of Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson, and Minister within the Ministry, Hon. Annette Ferguson, to find out when the next public day is or to schedule an appointment. You may contact Minister Patterson's office on 231-8127 to 8 and Minister Ferguson's office on 226-1875. Alternatively, you may visit the Ministry on Wight's Lane, Kingston Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is responsible for all declared and main roads in Guyana. These include the main public highways and roadways. Internal/community roads are the responsibility of either Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) or Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), which fall under the purview of the Ministry of Communities. You can contact the Ministry of Communities on 226-5071 to 3 to find out whether works are slated for your community.

Furthermore, the following roads are gazetted urban roads, in accordance with the Laws of Guyana Chapter 51:01 (Roads Act), and are therefore under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure:

Main Roads Administered by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure

  1. Essequibo Coast – Region 2
  2. West Coast Demerara (from Vreed-en-Hoop to Parika) – Region 3
  3. West Bank Demerara – Region 3
  4. Canal #1 – Region 3
  5. Canal #2 – Region 3
  6. East Bank Demerara – Region 4
  7. Mocha – Region 4
  8. Railway Embankment – Region 4
  9. Linden – Soesdyke – Regions 4/10
  10. East Coast Demerara (Georgetown – Mahaica) – Region 4
  11. East Coast Demerara (Mahaica – Rosignol) – Region 5
  12. New Amsterdam – Moleson Creek – Region 6
  13. Black Bush Polder – Region 6
  14. East Bank Berbice – Region 6
  15. Coglan Dam
  16. Linden – Rockstone

Declared Urban Streets

City of Georgetown

  1. Clive Lloyd Drive
  2. Rupert Craig Highway
  3. University of Guyana Access
  4. Water Street
  5. Battery Road
  6. Sea Wall Road
  7. Young Street
  8. Barrack Street
  9. Camp Road
  10. Fort Street
  11. Vlissengen Road
  12. Irving Street
  13. Station Street
  14. Duncan Street
  15. Thomas Road
  16. Sheriff Street/Kitty Avenue
  17. Ruimveldt Avenue
  18. Houston Bypass
  19. Eastern Highway

Town of New Amsterdam

  1. Street A
  2. Main Street
  3. Water Street
  4. Matthew Alleyne Road

If you are interested in bidding for projects under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, you can find lists of the available Expressions of Interest (EOIs), tenders, and proposals under the “Procurement” tab of the website. Alternatively, you may contact the Procurement Department via 225-7420 or visit the office on Fort Street, Kingston, Works Services Group compound.

If you are interested in working with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, or any other Government Ministry, you can check with the Public Service Commission (PSC) on Fort Street, Kingston or contact them on 226-1991 for a listing of available jobs and qualifications. Alternatively, you may contact the Human Resources Department of the Works Services Group on 225-3591 or the Personnel Department on 226-1956.

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