The mission of the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) is to promote the awareness of the Electricity Sector Regulations Act (ESRA 2008) , the National Electrical Code (NEC) as well as good Electrical safety practices, while providing electrical contractors and other personnel with practical advice in carrying out electrical works in compliance to the relevant codes and/or regulations.


The Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) is the electrical safety body within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, set up to protect users of electricity against the hazard of unsafe and unsound electrical installation, it is the Industry’s Electrical Safety Authority and Regulatory Body.

Through its maintenance division,it is tasked with carrying out routine electrical maintenance, the preparation of electrical estimates and designs, supervision of contractual works and consultation for Government Buildings.


  • Issuance of Permits to Perform Electrical Installations.
  • Issuance of Certificates for code compliant electrical installations.
  • Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations.
  • Licensing of Qualified electrical contractors.
  • Resolution of disputes between Public Supplier of electricity and Consumers.
  • Investigation of Fires and Electrical Accidents. 
  • Training and edification of and publication of manuals for qualified electrical contractors.
  • Electrical Maintenance of Government buildings(Electrical Maintenance Program)