MPW addresses road signage, minibus operations

8th October, 2013

KINGSTON - Top traffic officers, members of several minibus associations and minibus operators converged at the Public Works Ministry recently to discuss measures aimed at alleviating the number of accidents and tackle road safety measures.

According to Chief Works Officer, Geoffrey Vaughn, frank opinions were voiced.

“Minister [Robeson] Benn initiated the meeting because he was worried about the number of accidents involving mini-buses. Areas we touched on included overloading, the haphazard way the short routes drivers use to roadways and of course signage,” Vaughn stated.

More importantly, minibus operators complained that many of the signs were painted on the roads. They recommend that more sign posts be erected and pledged to make the city’s thoroughfares more driver friendly and hassle free as possible.

To this end, Minister Benn and his team will over the “next few months’ brainstorm on medium and long measures to deal with the issues raised and take them to the associations and operators for evaluation.