T&HD responds to G/T ferry stelling stairway mishap

12th June, 2014

KINGSTON - The Management of the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) wishes to express its concern at the way some sections of the media have portrayed the recent problems with the steps at the Georgetown Ferry Stelling on Monday June 9, 2014.

These steps are used by the small passenger boats plying the Georgetown – Vreed-en-Hoop Service.

At approximately 09:45 hours, it was reported to the T&HD that a speedboat had made a hard mooring into the stairs. This impact caused three treads of the steps to dislodge and also cut a tie-rod that holds the string boards together.

Workers were immediately dispatched to effect repairs.

The Management of the Transport & Harbours Department is very mindful of its obligations to provide safe access to persons using the service but it needs greater care and cooperation from the boat captains. Further it will be working with the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) to rein-in reckless captains like the one whose boat damaged the steps.

T&HD's response to Kaieteur News' front page photograph of Parika Stelling

27th April, 2014

KINGSTON - The Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) wishes to clarify the use and caption of a photograph that showed a section of the Parika Ferry Stelling on Kaieteur News’ front page on April 26, 2014.

The provocative photograph insinuated that part of the Stelling was deliberately left to fall apart or neglected by management so that a new contractor could be hired to pocket billions of dollars.

However, T&HD would like to enlighten the public that the area highlighted on the front page has been cordoned off for the past six months for safety purposes because of its deplorable state. It should be noted that T&HD is seeking finances to repair the section, which had previously housed a Bond. Furthermore, the cordoned off area has in no way disrupted the day-to-day operations of the facility.

In the meantime, T&HD continues to inject funds to maintain the driveway and the wharf that are critical to the Stelling’s daily operations.

It is regrettable that neither the Editor nor Reporter/Photographer of the newspaper sought an explanation from the Department, or even tried to make contact with the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), who has been extremely helpful to the newspaper’s staff/reporters.

Salvaging operations underway for truck

14th April, 2014

KINGSTON - Efforts are underway to salvage the truck that fell off MV Kanawan on April 9 on to the Essequibo river bed.

However, salvaging operations are being hampered by unfavourable tidal conditions, but operators are tackling this problem.

The truck, GKK 9195, was at the time transporting 12 tonnes of cargo when it unfortunately slipped into the Essequibo River between the ferry and the floating ramp while disembarking at the stern draw door of MV Kanawan at Supenaam Stelling Ro Ro facility.

A total of nine small vehicles, three canter trucks and nine small wheel-base trucks and seven full size trucks were being transported from Parika to Supenaam.

It is apt to note that there was no damage to the Supenaam facility and it is in operational order.

The T&HD and MARAD are investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.

MV Makouria expected to be back on water April. 7

1st April, 2014

KINGSTON - Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) injected approximately GYD $135M for rehabilitation works on MV Makouria, which is expected to be back in operation Monday, April 7, 2014.

The vessel – on dry dock for 30 days - plies the Parika/Bartica route.

According to General Manager, Marclene Merchant, significant parts of the vessel underwent major repairs including its hull, internals and super structures.

“We also did works on the shafts, propellers, rudders, rudder stocks and everything pertaining to brushings,” Ms. Merchant said.

A new canteen was installed as well.

“The plumbing system has been remedied, and we have repaired all domestic and sanitary pipelines….all defective electrical works were also corrected,” the T&HD General Manager added. “I must say the works were done to our satisfaction.”

E.C Vieira Investment Limited was contracted to carry out the works. 

T&HD saw passenger, vehicle & cargo movement spike in 2013

12th March, 2014

KINGSTON - Vehicles using the state-run ferry services increase by 44 percent in 2013 and passenger movement saw a 17 percent jump when compared to 2012.

This, according to Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) General Manager (GM) Marclene Merchant, can be credited to the reliability of the ferries.

The GM disclosed that in 2012 passengers, vehicles and cargo totaled 282,784; 40,611 and 113,257 respectively.

However, those figures climbed in 2013 – passengers’ movements were 331,352; vehicles 58,502 and cargo 125,600. These numbers represented 17, 44 and 10 percent increase respectively.

On the financial front, the revenue generated from passengers totaled $89,540,080; vehicles $227,122,020 and cargo $283,304,112 in 2013.

TH&D fires guard for stealing fuel

27th January, 2014

KINGSTON - A Temporary Guard employed with Transport and Habrbor Department (T&HD) was fired after he was caught stealing several gallons of fuel on January 11, 2014 from the Bitumen Plant, Garden of Eden.

Noel Sue was given his termination letter on January 22, 2014. He was dismissed with immediate effect.

Investigations revealed that Mr. Sue reported that he was the one who caught another guard stealing the fuel. However, T&HD Management viewed his counter claim as a failed attempt to divert attention in an attempt to complicate the investigations.

Mr. Sue’s act of thievery caused T&HD to misplace all trust and confidence in him as a member of its Security Section, whose main responsibility was to ensure the Security of the Department’s assets.

In light of T&HD’s zero tolerance approach to theft, management invoked the Public Service’s Table of offences #34 which states that the penalty for stealing on the first occasion can be dismissal.

Currently, T&HD is probing suspicious activities on ferries and at stellings. Any person (s) found liable will be dealt with condignly.