MV Canawaima sees an upsurge in passenger traffic

7th October, 2013

MOLESON CREEK – The MV Canawaima that plies the Guyana/Suriname route saw an increase in the number of passenger in August, due mainly to the Carifesta X1 celebration in Suriname and the July/August school break.

Data show that passengers moved were 20,556 as against 13,331 in July, an increase of 7,225 or 54.2 percent - the highest thus far for 2013. Similarly, vehicles movement were 1,952 as against 1,191 in July, an increase of 63.9 percent or761.

Meanwhile, passenger movement for the year is 99,928 as against 82,928 in 2012, an increase of 17,000 or 20.5 period over the same period last year, while vehicles totaled 8,960 as against 8,497 in 2012, an increase of 463 or 5.4 percent over the same period last year.

Both in-bound and out-bound traffic increased in the month of August. Incoming passenger were 10,067 as against 6,715 in July, an increase of 3,352 or 49.9 percent. Outgoing passenger saw a hike increased by 3,873 or 58.6 percent, this represents a movement from 6,616 in July to 10,489 August.

Vehicular traffic showed a similar trend.

Incoming vehicles were 979 as against 602 in July, an increase of 377 or 62.7 percent while outgoing vehicles moved from 589 in July to 973 in August, an increase of 384 or 65.2 percent.