Press Release

5th February, 2021


Ministry of Public Works

Title: A closer relationship between the Ministry of Public Works and the Faculty of Technology must be initiated for the development of Guyana’s infrastructure - Bishop Edghill

February 3, 2021 - Honourable Bishop Juan A. Edghill, Minister of Public Works today met with representatives from University of Guyana, Faculty of Technology as well as the representatives from the Sea and River Defence Board. The focal point of the discussion was surrounding collaborative efforts in the areas of research and development and capacity building in the engineering field.
Representatives from the University of Guyana comprised of Mr. Maxwell Jackson, Head – Department of Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Technology (FoT) and Dr. William Wilson, Senior Lecturer - Department of Civil Engineering.
Representing the Ministry of Public Works were Brigadier Gary Beaton, Chairman – Sea and River Defence Board, Mr. Kevin Samad, Chief Sea and River Defence Officer; Mr. Jermaine Braithwaite, Secretary – Sea and River Defence Board and Mr. Jeffrey Walcott, Senior Hinterland Engineer.
Amongst some of the topics discussed at the meeting were the coordination of research and development initiatives in the areas of shore protection and other facets of engineering, such as, improving laboratory testing and data management capabilities; internship arrangements between the Ministry and the University of Guyana; collaborations to host engineering conferences for both students and professionals; and student scholarships.
As Minister Edghill engaged the representatives, he posited that he wishes to see a closer collaboration between the Ministry and the Faculty of Technology simply because development is taking place at a rapid pace and the opportunities must be seized now. Minister further added, “Development has a time frame, and we must get the job executed within the timeframe or else we will miss the opportunity.”
Further Minister Edghill outlined four (4) prerequisites that he envisages will provide cohesive collaborations to reinforce accelerated growth and cutting-edge infrastructural development in Guyana.
According to Minister Edghill, firstly I wish to see more students being involved at the Ministry during their years of studying at the Faculty of Technology.
Secondly, more students should be afforded the opportunity to have internship to interact on a more personal level with engineers, already in the field of work they are aspiring to be a part of.
Thirdly we must establish a ‘think tank’ where our people would be able to benefit from our infrastructural projects.
Lastly, Engineers and lecturers must train the minds of the young generation to think about the future.
Additionally, while Minister Edghill stated the prerequisites for collaboration. He also outlined areas for improvement he wishes to see in the engineering field, such areas include, preventing the over designing of building, preventing over purchasing of materials for construction and space for future development.
Finally, coming out of the meeting it was stated by the Chair of the Sea and River Defence Board, Brigadier Gary Beaton, that a working group will be formed to concretize the plans and agenda of the collaboration between the Ministry of Public Works and the University of Guyana Technology Faculty.