Major reconstruction works scheduled for Mosquito Hall/Lancaster

7th January, 2014

EAST COAST DEMERARA - Two major contracts involving the rehabilitation of concrete river defences at Mosquito Hall/Lancaster were executed during the period 2011 to 2012. 

These works addressed problematic sections of sea defences which were undermined and frequently overtopped during spring tides.

In addition to concrete works, a total of 700 metres of eroded earthen embankment was rehabilitated and adjacent façade drains constructed for the storage and conveyance of overtopping discharge in order to reinforce the flood defence system.

During December 2013, a contract requiring the rehabilitation of a section of the earthen embankment and slope protection works in undermined areas was awarded to a private contractor. These works commenced during December 2013 and are scheduled for completion at the end of January 2014. In addition to the ongoing contracted works, the Ministry’s Force Account Unit will be engaged in the execution of maintenance works in the area.

The Ministry notes that major reconstruction works have also been scheduled for Mosquito Hall/Lancaster under its 2014 Capital Programme for certain critical sections. Designs are currently being finalised for projects involving the reconstruction of river defences in the area which will be advertised for public tendering during January 2014.

The Mahaica area was recently included in a list of vulnerable coastal/ riverain communities specifically mentioned in the Ministry’s monthly spring tide advisory published in the local print media. There were no reports of flooding at the Mosquito Hall/Lancaster area during the recent spring tides period.