MARAD distributes life jackets in Bartica

30th August, 2013

KINGSTON - A team from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) headed by River Navigation Officer Michael Tennant, visited Region #7 to distribute life jackets to schools several communities in the Bartica community.

In an effort to promote safety on the waterways, 20 life jackets were distributed to the village of Riversview for the school children of the Holi Name Nursery and Secondary schools on August 27.

While receiving the life jackets on behalf of the community, Toshao, Melina Pollard said the  life jackets will help a lot in ensuring children are safe while traversing the waterways, and further reiterated "We are very grateful for these jackets as it will go a long way in protecting our children as they go to school."

Ms. Pollard is also inviting members of the public to Riversview this year as the community prepares to celebrate Amerindian Heritage Month. She said that the village will be the host village of an activity planned for October 6.

Later in the afternoon, the team visited the Regional Education Officer, Charles Holmes and presented 35 life jackets for him to distribute to the students of the Bartica Secondary School.

Mr. Holmes in receiving the life jackets said it's a good gesture and he's indeed grateful for the contribution, "We know that safety is always important and we are indeed happy for the life jackets at this time as schools are set to reopen for the new term."

Life jackets distribution will continue throughout the country as MARAD's aim is to prevent, end or minimize accidents along the waterways