Regions 4&5 road/sea defence projects evaluated

5th August, 2013

KINGSTON, Georgetown - Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn last Thursday began another round of visits to major civil engineering projects, now that the weather has improved somewhat to make sure that contractors are keeping good pace and that the work is of good quality.

He acknowledged that there have been criticisms about the pace of work which has been affected by the extended period of rainfall with the rainy season going into July. There were also challenges with the supply of materials such as crusher run, aggregate and materials from the quarries.

“We hope that those issues are largely behind us and that we could move forward efficiently… so I’m calling on all the contractors, engineers, supporting consultants, Ministry staff and utility owners to work together to achieve projects on time so that we give the best service that we can to the public,” Minister Benn emphasised.

With regards to the sea defence project on the sea wall in Georgetown, he stressed the cost effectiveness of the structure that can be relocated. While there has not been a recurrence of the high tides, the hurricane season has started which may cause surges in the sea that can arrive on the Guyana coast. “So we are monitoring the situation and we are on the look- out for those to be able to respond as much as possible,” the Minister said.

He added that as more of the wall sections go in towards the end of the new month the sand bags will be removed from along the road. For the full story please click